Faces of Ukraine

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Exhibition catalog for the photo exhibition “Faces of Ukraine“

Ausstellungskatalog "Gesichter der Ukraine"

The exhibition catalog for the photo exhibition by photographer Henning Kramer “Faces of Ukraine” includes 10 portraits and interviews of the people who impressively describe their way from Ukraine to Germany. The catalog contains more portraits of people who had to leave Ukraine to flee the horrors of war. Kramer is driven by the desire to help and to give people hope of returning to their homeland.

His motivation and idea behind the exhibition can be read in the catalogue. Just like the explanation of what happens with the donations. The aim is to provide support for schools in Butcha, Irpin and Worsul in order to enable the children to get an education again as quickly as possible.

The catalog can be purchased for a donation of 5 euros or more. All of the donations go to the “Faces of Ukraine” aid project.

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