Faces of Ukraine

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From 3.9. is the exhibition in the Jacobichirch in Göttingen

Jacobikirche in Götthingen

In the Jacobi Church in Göttingen

The photo exhibition “Faces of Ukraine” can be seen from September 3rd in the Jacobi Church in Göttingen. Come to the vernissage at 11.30 a.m., we will report on the background of the exhibition and great Ukrainian musicians will accompany the opening of the exhibition.

The friendly support of the board of directors of the parish of St. Jacobi and the D.&I. Fandrey Foundation and in particular the pastors Áron Bence (retired) and Dirk Tiedemann (retired) made it possible for the exhibits to be presented in Göttingen in September 2023 four weeks can be made accessible to interested parties. Thank you very much!

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